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Updated December 28, 2013

Pillars of Ardalith and DOTT System License

This license agreement (the “License”) is offered by Duadikos LLC, a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company (Duadikos). This License governs the use of third party extensions to the DOTT System and the Pillars of Ardalith setting. By publishing derivative or altered material, you are expressly bound by this License. Any publication outside the limitations set forth in this License are unauthorized, regardless of the medium used to publish it.

  1. Effective date: This License commences on December 28, 2013.
  2. Updates and Revisions to this License: Duadikos may alter this license at any time at its sole discretion without notice. Periodically visit for updates. Licensee's continued use of material under this license up to 7 days after the “Updated” date at the top of this License confirms the Licensee's acceptance of the revisions.
  3. License Grants: Subject to the licensee's compliance with these terms, Duadikos grants Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable, and royalty free license to utilize the published materials (“Licensed Materials”) only in the manner specified in this License, and subject to the restrictions described in this License.
  4. Limitations: The Licensee must put the following text at the top and bottom of every page: “For use with the DOTT system as presented at” and/or “This product uses the Pillars of Ardalith Setting as described at” as appropriate for the contained materials.
    1. Reprinting: Licensee may not reproduce any materials published either on or other medium, electronic or otherwise. Licensee may create original material that references the published works published by Duadikos, including using (without reprinting any materials) the DOTT system, and creating original works within the Pillars of Ardalith setting.
    2. Statement of Use: Licensee must contact Duadikos using information provided on before publishing any materials subject to this License. Licensee is granted temporary use of this License for 7 days, or until a confirmation is received from Duadikos. The Statement of Use must contain contact information in the form of a valid email address, as well as a copy of the material subject to this license, or a link to the material in its entirety. Licensee must resubmit the Statement of Use every 7 days until a confirmation from Duadikos is received. Failure to provide the correct information in the Statement of Use does not grant use of this Licensee. Temporary use of this License is solely for the contingency of failure of the chosen communication medium, and is not intended for perpetual use.
  5. Revocation: Duadikos may revoke the applicability of this license to any product that does not conform to minimum standards, as defined by and at the sole discretion of Duadikos. If Duadikos exercises this provision, it will provide to the Licensee the reason for revocation. The Licensee may alter the published materials and submit them to Duadikos for review. If approved, the Licensee may republish the updated material. At the very least, the material will not contain any unlawful material, subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Boston Massachusetts, and all jurisdictions that contain it, including but not limited to the the State of Massachusetts and the United States of America.
  6. Termination: Duadikos may terminate this license agreement at any time by posting a termination notice on Licensee will have 3 months of continued use of this License. Thereafter, all materials within the Licensee's possession must be destroyed, including the removal of all electronically published materials that the Licensee has control over.
  7. Choice of Law: This License is governed by the laws of the stat of Massachusetts USA. Licensee irrevocably consent to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the county of Suffolk in Massachusetts for any claims related to this License.
  8. Severability: If any provision of this license is deemed invalid or unenforceable, then the rest of the License will remain intact.